Candy Crush Store

Everybody loves candy!

CandyCrush is a treasure trove of world-famous candy brands, premium chocolates and selected gourmet treats from all over the world.

Upon stepping inside CandyCrush, candy lovers are surrounded by more varieties of candy and chocolate for rock bottom prices. They include a dazzling array of offerings from household names such as Butlers, Hershey’s, M&Ms, Jelly Belly, Caffarel, Ghiarardelli, Pure Chocolate and Reeses, together with boutique and gourmet brands unavailable elsewhere in the region.

Not wanting anyone to miss out on a sweet treat, CandyCrush carries a wide range of organic, sugarfree/ diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan and above all fair trade candies and chocolates.

CandyCrush products are air-flown from the candy and chocolate capitals of the world, including Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, England, Ireland, America and UAE. Ultra-discerning candy scouts (aka buyers) comb the globe in search of the very best candies in their categories, from licorice to lollipops, so that CandyCrush customers can enjoy the crème de la crème of candy, under one roof.

Age is no barrier when it comes to loving candy. CandyCrush is a child’s candy-coloured dream come true, and a grownup’s joyous trip down memory lane. It can be an all-absorbing escape from the bittersweet demands of daily life, or a frolic into the near future – stocking up on weekend treats makes you feel like you’re already there.

Relive the sweet innocence of childhood. Treat yourself to a little reward for working hard, at the office or at the gym. Gift a bestie with a token of friendship. Delight your sweetheart with a bouquet of luxury chocolates. Toffee, nougat, caramel, mint… soft centres, hard centres, fruity, nutty… yummy!

Eat Happy!